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A couple of real quick thoughts about the video for Charles & Eddie’s “Would I Lie to You?”:

1) When sung solo, this is a touching love song about a guy who promises his lady that he will be faithful.

2) When sung by two guys, as in the video, this is a horrifying song about two dudes trying to convince a lady to join a three-way. The only evidence necessary to back this up is the creep-a-deep eyebrow raise at 1:55.

3) This was released in 1993 (18 years ago!) but looks like it could have been shot yesterday—nice film quality, fashions aren’t too ridiculous. With the notable exception of…

4) Charles’s (or Eddie’s) long straight hair. The only place you see that nowadays is on Floridian iguana owners.

5) For whatever reason, I associate this song with eating an ice cream sandwich near a backyard swing set.

I *love* this song.

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