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This Year Ruled

1. I stopped drinking. Wanna stop drinking? Watch the movie There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane, think to yourself “I could see myself driving drunk with kids in the car,” get so freaked out that you never drink again. That’s how I did it!

2. I read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and it rules so hard I can legitimately say it changed my life

3. I started to finally believe I am awesome and now my life rules

4. Started enjoying eating healthier—it rules now

5. Got to work with some awesome writers and actors at UCB and that ruled

6. For REAL stopped caring what other people think and that REALLY rules

The point is it ruled.

I think resolutions are kinda silly. They’re just a way of saying you’re aware of something you or others think you “should” do-and this awareness is so diffuse and global as to be impractical in helping you figure out concrete steps to take (“I’m going to lose weight.” Um ok but I NEED STEPS). They just seem designed to fail for that reason. I think if something is important to you, you’ll do it TODAY in a manageable way or a small chunk and you’ll be successful because it was concrete and meaningful to you. This is just how I feel about resolutions; maybe other people are different and find them helpful. KUDOZ.

There was a time in my life when I was a size 6 with very long compensatory body hair that grew to maintain heat and I ate12 apples in a row as a meal so I think I’m doing pretty fucking well right now. HAPPY NEW YEAR HUMANS

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